art & the public realm, Director: Geoff Wood

What can we do for you?


  • Develop public art policy for Local Authorities, Government Bodies and Private Sector Organisations. We can relate this to current and evolving planning legislation and guidance.
  • Develop strategies at national, regional and city level for clients in both the public and private sector.
  • Run advocacy programs to support officers, elected members, officers, business and community forums and the wider public. We specialise in building expertise and confidence and giving people the tools with which to make informed decisions.
  • Develop mechanisms to involve local people in art’s creative processes and helping communities shape the kind of cultural provision they want. We work from the perspective of the commissioning organisations, focussing on how they can engage their potential constituencies; and we work from the perspective of communities and how they can mobilise their population to develop, agree and secure cultural investment and infrastructure for their settlement.
  • We have a lot of experience in setting up and running complex art in architecture and art in landscape programmes focussed on making places and spaces that will be stimulating, beautiful and well used.

    Gold Leaf Tower

    Gold Leaf Tower

  • We have instigated, set up and managed collaborations between artists and other design disciplines across a wide range of scenarios including bridges, public transport systems, highways, interchanges, lighting, sound systems, signage and movement information systems, public spaces, and architecture.
  • Work on piloting innovation in public transport systems and highways is a particular strength and passion within the practice. We have huge experience of using art and artists to humanise roadside environments.
  • We introduced and championed the concept of Citywide artists’ lightworks to improve safety, orientation and image, as well as creating a recognisable and negotiable night time urban landscape.
  • We are skilled at developing strategies for harnessing art as a means of recognising the contribution, and sometimes the loss, suffered by some people and communities. We look for appropriate and new ways of working on memorials.
  • We have developed Funding strategies, PFI, Lottery, Local Authority, Sponsorship or European funds.
  • One of our particular skills is the mentoring of client representatives through the critical and often sensitive development stages of projects, when external pressures are at their greatest.
  • We have CRB checked team members, experienced at working safely and creatively with young people, vulnerable people and with children.
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